1 year at Cite, with Charlie, the ‘quiz master’

Hi, I’m Charlie, I’m a Digital Marketing Executive at Cite. It’s been a little over a year since Cite kindly created a job role to welcome me into their growing client services team. So, I’ve compiled a list of 12 things I’ve learnt or enjoyed about my first year here. I never thought when I joined Cite, it wouldn’t be long before the world dramatically changed!

1. Take it all in

Firstly, it’s worth noting I’m the youngest in the team. I’m 19, almost 20, which isn’t always a bad thing. I’ve been working in digital for a few years now and being young gives you the opportunity to just take it all in. You never know when small things could prove helpful.

2. Tea and coffee is all a game

I have almost perfected everybody’s tea and coffee. Nev disagrees.

3. Environment is everything

I feel like a positive, encouraging and transparent working environment is pretty important nowadays – for everyone, but especially for younger digital creatives. You create your best work when you’re in a nurturing environment. Cite is a perfect example of this.

I don’t necessarily mean beanbags or games consoles in the breakout rooms – though I’ve heard they’re pretty good for creativity 😉 , but an ethic that runs through a company. Overall, I’ve been exposed to multiple ways of working and there’s a very honest culture here!

4. Music is subjective

My portfolio says I have a 5/5 music taste, though everyone at Cite disagrees. They’ve got to be wrong, clearly. In all seriousness though, the Cite music playlists that play around the office are always fun – there’s an eclectic mix of genres between all of us contributing. Though, nobody knows who has the best music taste yet! 

Since working circumstances altered for most people, we put together a new playlist for “Home Working”, you can have a listen here if you’re interested. 

5. The daily is different

It’s cliche to say, but everyday is different. I work with a variety of different clients using a collection of digital disciplines. One moment I’m doing research, the next I could be organising a company event or developing up my PPC skills. It varies. It’s always rewarding contributing towards our regular NHS projects, helping to make a difference.

6. Just ask

Giving your thoughts on a project is better than saying nothing at all.

7. Payday lunch 

…is a monthly highlight. Pizza Express, anyone?

8. Events are useful

Something new I’ve experienced is attending digital events. And it’s been fun. There’s always something new to learn and bring back to the table for our clients. My favourite so far has been the Leicester Digital Live where I honed my knowledge on all sorts, particularly the power of things like AI in marketing. Create Leicester is also a brilliant event, which Cite sponsors, I recommend taking a look – they’re doing awesome webinars at the moment!

9. Everyone works together

Everybody has an equal opportunity here, and there’s so much flexibility in all aspects. We have monthly team meetings where we see our shared progress as a team, each of us contributing to a mutually shared goal. Everyone is approachable, accessible and friendly. It’s great to see the whole team coming together even whilst remote working too.

10. Take a breather to focus

Similarly to the positive working environment mentioned above, I think it’s equally important to have the opportunity to take a breather – particularly at lunchtime. I’ve always been one to get out, rather than stay in, but now more than ever I’ve learnt how meaningful you can make your lunch-break. 

Getting out for a walk, listening to a podcast, meeting people for coffee or simply doing nothing can work wonders for your creativity and productivity. I love what I do, but I’ve found over the last year that truly stepping away from everything for an hour each day helps recharge the batteries. Our managers encourage this which is brilliant. I strongly recommend giving HeadSpace a go, or if you’d like to focus then Lo-fi beats are always a great shout (I made a playlist, shameless plug).

11. Friday drinks are essential

Each Friday, we go for a few drinks. It’s a nice way to end a productive week and enter the weekend. I never realised something so simple could have such an impact. Amazingly, COVID-19 didn’t stop us from continuing this tradition. We created a virtual pub and gather in a Hangouts call instead.

12. Quizzes are fun

I’ve organised multiple quizzes over the last year, the best being the agency quiz for Hope Against Cancer – a charity Cite support – where we raised over £900. That was an incredibly satisfying experience, getting everyone together for a fantastic cause! Probably my favourite moment so far. I’ve become a quiz-master, I might update my LinkedIn title with that. 

Simon Williams, Client Services Manager says:

“Despite challenges with his tea rounds, and questionable music taste – Charlie has become an invaluable member of the Cite team in his first year.”

I’ve loved my first year at Cite and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Interested in Cite’s culture? Browse our Instagram.