Working with the NHS

Since 2011, we have worked on dozens of successful digital projects for a wide range of NHS organisations, both locally and nationally. Our experience allows us to contribute creative and practical ideas to ensure project objectives are not just met, but exceeded. We get recommissioned and referred because we’re consistently told we do great work and are great to work with. We deliver on time, to budget, and see ourselves as a dedicated partner rather than a mere supplier.

How we helped

  • Research and discovery
  • Information architecture
  • UX and prototyping
  • Creative/technical delivery
  • Support and maintenance

“Cite came up with a great solution for us and went that extra mile to deliver the project on time and without issues. They really get what we are trying to achieve, and we really enjoy working with them.”

Cara McDonagh, Head of Communications

NHS Confederation

Digital toolkits and web applications

Think Future

The NHS ThinkFuture initiative aims to bring more young people into the NHS, thereby positively impacting the sustainability of the workforce and the quality of patient care. The toolkits include an interactive ‘readiness checklist’, the outcomes of which govern the most appropriate next steps for line managers and HR staff.

Measuring Up

This online tool allows the NHS to understand the different community groups in their local population, and how to better engage and recruit from these groups. Organisational data is compared to that at a local level – by age, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion/belief and sexual orientation. The app queries datasets and APIs from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Nomis, and the most recent Census data. Results are dynamic, displayed graphically with the user able to export comparative data in PDF format. This project was shortlisted for two Drum DADI Awards in 2018.

“Cite combine great ideas with first class creative and technical delivery. They exceed our expectations every time, which is why we really enjoy working with them.”

Jen Gardner

Programme Lead – NHS Development and Employment Team

Managing Sickness Tool

The brief was to create an engaging and intuitive guide for NHS Managers around the subject of staff absenteeism. Conceived initially as a microsite using parallax scrolling and video content, the project was eventually integrated in a more basic form within the clients’ existing website environment.

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Culture of Care Barometer

This application – commissioned by NHS England – consists of 31 questions designed to measure cultural themes such as engagement, empowerment, leadership and teamwork. By stimulating conversation and encouraging reflection among staff, the Barometer helps identity areas for improvement. Moderators are able to set up surveys for their team/department/organisation and analyse the results, which are recorded anonymously.

“We were helped enormously by the designers being able to translate complex theoretical concepts into a simple, accessible and vibrant tool. We hope it will help to make the NHS even better for patients and staff.”

Paul Taylor and Karen Dumain

Project Leads – Do OD

NHS Wellbeing Tool

A key challenge faced by the NHS is staff experiencing stress and mental wellbeing issues. The impact on the individual and the workplace can be huge, particularly if the symptoms and behaviours have gone unnoticed. The NHS Wellbeing tool was commissioned to raise awareness of this issue and to signpost NHS staff and team leaders to the right resources to support them. We were briefed to create an interactive web app that was easy to use, with a distinct visual appearance.

Mobile applications

Do OD Culture change mobile app

Commissioned by NHS Employers and the NHS Leadership Academy, the app has been created to enable effective culture change within the NHS. Cite were tasked with taking a broad concept and creatively translating it into a visually interesting mobile experience. The app was undergone three phases of development, with a suite of tools now available for the NHS Organisational Development (OD) Community.

“Working with Cite to design and develop the app was a great experience. We learned a lot throughout the process that shaped our thinking and made us incredibly robust in our decision making.”

Paul Taylor

Assistant Director – NHS Organisational Development

NHS Acronym Buster

The NHS Acronym Buster collates over 700 acronyms commonly used within the organisation to help users quickly decipher the acronym they need, no matter where they are.

NHS websites

Leicester City Clinical Commisioning Group

LCCCG has responsibility for healthcare commissioning and hospital / community health services for people living in Leicester City. We were appointed after demonstrating a clear vision of how best to plan content and functionality. The outcome is a fully responsive WordPress site that has 200+ pages of content maintained by multiple content authors.

“Cite met our brief by delivering a great looking responsive website. They did this within our tight timescales and to the agreed budget. Cite worked really closely with us throughout the project, and we felt they were understanding of our requirements and flexible when we needed them to be.”

Adam Worrallo

Digital Communications Manager - NHS Employers

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Leicestershire Medicines Strategy Group

LMSG plays a key role in the prescribing and managed entry of specialist medicines for prescribers and pharmacists in primary and secondary care. The website solved a business challenge in that administration was greatly reduced by allowing consultants to complete drug requests online. The simple user-focused design was inspired by award-winning sites such as and, where user needs are the first priority.

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NHS University
Hospitals of Leicester

UHL needed a new recruitment site to promote the Trust as a great place to develop a career, and with Leicester a great place to live. Cite partnered with UHL’s in-house development team to deliver the project. We were responsible for the content planning, creative delivery and front end build. We’ve often worked alongside other parties and agencies on a variety of projects, and enjoy the collaborative process.

“We liked a lot of other projects Cite had done for the NHS. Their experience was a huge benefit in the planning and delivery of our website – they were great to work with and offered really useful guidance throughout the process.”

Kath Carter

Clinical Commissioning Pharmacist – UHL

NHS Clinical Commisioners

NHS Clinical Commissioners is the membership organisation of clinical commissioning groups. Content within the private extranet is displayed depending on which Networks members belong to, including access to forums, resources and news and events.



Following the Do OD mobile app that we developed, we were asked to create a range of associated campaign material – from printed flyers through to graphic assets and e-shots.

Flu Fighter Campaign

This social app was created to tap into Facebook’s powerful social sharing in order to support the Flu Fighter campaign. NHS staff are encouraged to commit to take the flu vaccination – in so doing their profile picture is added to the ‘pledge wall’. They can then share their commitment via various social channels.

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NHS Change Day

NHS Change Day is an annual event during which staff demonstrate the difference they can make by one simple act, proving that large-scale improvement is possible. We created all digital display advertising promoting the event, along with associated e-shots.

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