Cite developer makes national press

Cite’s talented young web developer Andrew Sharman hit the headlines this week in a big way.

Rather than complaining about a terrible holiday and the lack of customer services, he decided to hit travel agents Thomson’s where it hurt most – in the googles.

He wrote about this experiences on his blog, and then using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and some good SEO managed to propel his blog to the top of the Google charts. The post, titled “My Thomson trip to Tunisia Review: Thomson trip to Tunisia, staying in Marhaba Palace Review”, appeared at the top of Google’s search results under the search terms Thomson and Tunisia.

Once the company realised that his blog was appearing higher than the official Thomson’s blog, it didn’t take them long to pay compensation and apologise.

The success of his blog bashing was originally published by the local newspaper, and since has appeared almost everywhere including Sky TV, BBC radio, most of the national and regional papers, creative magazines and blogs.

While we spend a lot of time and effort ensuring our clients websites and blogs are as visible as possible on search engines, Andy’s fight just shows the power of blogging and social networking and how a simple story can so quickly become viral.