Cite launches app for Adaptaflex


We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new web app for Adaptaflex, a worldwide leader in flexible conduit systems. Adaptaflex’s product range includes dozens of highly technical conduits, each of which is suited for different environments and applications. The app targets Adaptaflex’s customers and is designed to help them find the conduit that is right for their requirements.


The app was designed primarily for use on smartphones, but was built as a web app so it could also be used on tablet and desktop devices. Its intuitive interface allows users to select the different attributes they need in a conduit, including whether it is metallic or non-metallic, the minimum IP rating, and temperature range, in order to determine which Adaptaflex system best matches.

The app also caters for people whose requirements are very bespoke, and includes and enquiry form when an exact match cannot be found.

The app was build using the latest web technologies – HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery Mobile.

Check out the Adaptaflex “Find a Conduit” app today and let us know what you think.

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