Cite Launches Facebook App for GBC

Cite have just launched a new Facebook app for CIMA’s Global Business Challenge. The GBC Yearbook app lets participants and supporters share what the GBC means to them and meet everyone else taking part in this year’s competition.

GBC Yearbook Facebook app
When visitors first join the app, they are invited to fill in a form relevant to their status within the competition (current participant, past participant, and supporter).  All forms include a field where users can explain why they are participating in (or supporting) the competition and their future career goal. Current participants can also share their team name and past participants can list the year they took part in the GBC.

Once a user has filled in their form, they are taken to the Yearbook page, where they can view a gallery of profile pictures of everyone taking part in the app.  If a person hovers over one of these profile photos, a bubble appears with some of the information that person shared on their form.

Since there are 22 countries and regions taking part in this year’s challenge, the app also allows users to filter participants by location.  Country pages show all of the app’s users who are from that country as well as the information they shared on their form.  Similarly, participants can be filtered based on the words that appear in a tag cloud.

With over 8,000 participants taking part in this year’s Global Business Challenge, the GBC Yearbook app is a great way for them to get to know each other and create a stronger online community.  It’s also a wonderful way for people to cheer on this year’s participants.

The GBC Yearbook app is the second project we’ve launched for the GBC Facebook Page. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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