Cite launches Office Olympics

Our web developers have been hard at work this week creating great Facebook apps, new websites and engaging mobile apps, but amid all these projects we’ve also had time to get into the spirit of the Olympics by launching our very own Cite Office Olympics.

Paper Basketball Cite Olympics
Over the next two months our web designers, web developers, project managers and interns will be competing in a series of office games, including “Desk Chair Race,” “Office Phone Quick Draw,” and “Elastic Band Flicking.”

Last Friday we kicked things off with an opening ceremony and a rousing game of “Paper Basketball.”  The game came to an exciting conclusion as three teams went into a sudden death tie-breaker to determine 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. As the teams continue to battle it out in our weekly competitions, make sure to check this blog or our Facebook page for the latest updates on how they’re performing.

While we may never qualify for to the real Olympics, we think our web designers and developers produce gold medal websites and apps. Contact us today for more details on our digital marketing services.