Cite launches web app for UKCES

Cite is happy to announce the launch of a new online personality quiz for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES). The quiz, which is featured on the UKCES website and Facebook Page, allows people to find out what their job could be in 2030.

UKCES web app

The “Your Future Job” quiz coincides with the release of UKCES’s “Future of Work” report. In an effort to promote the report and make its information more personalised, the quiz asks people to answer multiple-choice questions about their current career and work preferences. After finishing the quiz, users are shown a results page with information about their future job. Potential jobs range from Web History Archivist and Bitcoin Banker to Robot Gangmaster and Hydroponic Farmer. Users can share their results, learn more about the research, and download the full report.

Our web developers worked closely with UKCES’s web design agency to create a responsive app that looks good and functions properly across all devices. The quiz also includes illustrated avatars for each of the 48 possible future jobs, which users can download to share with friends.

To help make the quiz as accessible as possible, our web developers also created a Facebook version that users can take directly from the “Your Future Job” Facebook Page. While most of the functionality is the same as the web version, our developers did add a Like-gate to help the Page increase its number of followers.

We’re really excited about how the project turned out and want to hear what you think. Check out the “Your Future Job” quiz today and let us know your results.

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