Cite launches website for Long Clawson Dairy

Our web developers have just launched a new responsive website for Long Clawson Dairy, one of the UK’s leading producers of Stilton and Red Leicestershire cheese. The site lets visitors browse Long Clawson’s catalogue of cheese, purchase cheese online, and learn more about the 100-year-old dairy.

Long Clawson website launch

The design of the Long Clawson site needed to be visually appealing while providing consumers with information about the products and brands. To accomplish this, the website’s design uses large imagery, intuitive navigation and prominent sign-posting that guides visitors through the content. In order to achieve the right look and feel, our web designers also art directed the photography that was commissioned for the site.

To help Long Clawson’s website stand out amongst its competitors, we used parallax scrolling on the homepage and throughout the site. This subtle touch helps add a sense of depth to the pages and grabs the visitor’s attention. The homepage’s design is particularly unique in the site, as it takes visitors on a journey through the cheese-making process, from the farmers to the cheese-makers.

Within the site, visitors can browse Long Clawson’s catalogue of cheese, learn more about its brands, and get delicious recipes. We also integrated an online shop that allows visitors to purchase cheese directly from Long Clawson Dairy. In addition, the site includes a blog, awards area, photo gallery and careers section.

To complete the site, our digital agency helped Long Clawson Dairy write the content and optimise it for search. This included partnering with a professional food copywriter, and providing foundational SEO services and keyword analysis.

The site was built using a WordPress CMS, which give Long Clawson’s administrators the ability to update their site’s content quickly and easily. Custom fields were added to help integrate content and Google Analytics was installed to give Long Clawson more insight into the site’s visitors.

Check out the Long Clawson website and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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