Cite supporting Warning Zone Leicester

Warning Zone is an interactive centre, teaching life skills to children and young adults in and around Leicester. In 2015/2016 over 9,000 children learnt valuable life skills such as understanding the risks and consequences of anti-social behaviour, cyber-bullying, peer pressure and lots more.

The team at Cite joined in a 24-hour rowing marathon to help raise money for Warning Zone. As a charity, Warning Zone relies on donations and Cite was more than happy to chip in.

The event was held in the lobby of the Mercure Grand Hotel in Leicester city centre – just around the corner from the Cite offices. In 24 hours, all volunteers managed to reach 253,986 metres, which is the equivalent of 2,418 football pitches!

There are various ways in which you can help, donate time or money here. Read more about the great work they’re doing in the local area and upcoming events.

It was all for a good cause, as always, the competitive juices started to flow. Listed below are the distances for each of the Cite team:

1st Place – Duncan Kendrick – 2,104m
2nd Place – Dafydd Pritchard – 2,085m
3rd Place – Ryan Sear – 2,054m
4th Place – Jadene Codner – 1,838m
5th Place – Andy Leitch – 1,747m
6th Place – Ken Walters – 1,587m

Combined, the Cite team managed 11,415 meters, all after a Mexican payday lunch, well-done guys.

Poor Nevil was unable to take part because he said he had a ‘bad shoulder’.

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