Clothing Confessions app launched for Weight Watchers

We’ve just launched another Facebook app for Weight Watchers.  The new app, called “Clothing Confessions,” was created to raise money for Weight Watchers’ partner charity, Tommy’s.

Weight Watchers Clothing Confessions Facebook App

Tommy’s charity funds research into problems related with pregnancy.  When Weight Watchers linked up with Tommy’s, they asked us to develop an app that would create awareness and raise money for the cause.

The Clothing Confessions app asks visitors to confess which clothes they hold on to even though they never wear them.

The app includes three ways that visitors can help Weight Watchers raise money for Tommy’s.

1.    Visitors can “donate their wall” by posting a special status and including their clothing confession.  Weight Watchers will donate 10p to Tommy’s for the first 50,000 clothing confessions.  As people donate, a “10p counter” automatically updates itself so people can visually see how much money has been raised.
2.    Visitors can send in their unwanted clothes to Tommy’s. The clothing will be sold and proceeds will go to the charity.
3.    Visitors can donate directly to Tommy’s charity.

Cite was commissioned to develop the Clothing Confessions app on the back of our other successful apps for Weight Watchers, Make a Pledge and WOW Makeover Competition.

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