Email Marketing for Cable Management Products

Cite have been working with Cable Management Products Ltd for over a decade, and as part of an ongoing digital marketing strategy, we’ve been assisting with their email marketing campaigns for many years.

Email Marketing for Elkay

We’ve designed and created customised templates for Cable Management Products’ core brands, including Elkay, Kopex, and Pipetools.  Because their in-house marketing team creates the e-shots, the templates were designed to be user-friendly and easily adaptable, so they don’t need to be HTML experts to create beautiful and effective email communications.

Over the years we’ve also created landing pages for specific email campaigns so recipients are taken to a relevant web page that reinforces the marketing campaign and strengthens the call to action.

To date, the email campaigns have been very successful in creating business for Cable Management Products, and our email marketing services have made us their preferred agency for digital communication.

For information on other work we’ve done with Cable Management Products, visit its Case Study.