Cite brings together digital community for Hope Against Cancer

A photo of the Leicester agency pub quiz arranged by Cite

This year we became a corporate partner of local charity Hope Against Cancer and committed to raising a total of £1,500 over the next two years. Hope Against Cancer is committed to supporting cutting-edge cancer research by funding innovative projects that lead to improved treatments and better outcomes for people in Leicestershire and Rutland.

On Monday 16th December, we invited a number of Leicester’s digital, branding and creative agencies to join us in a competitive agency, albeit fun, quiz which took place at city centre pub Brewdog. We hosted a similar quiz in 2018 with agencies, but this year put focus on raising money for charity.

Joining us in this charity quiz night were Bulb StudiosEffect, Herdl, Masters Allen, Rock Kitchen Harris, Swipe & Tap, Un.titled and Well&Truly. Thank you to everyone who came along and/or donated – the event has already helped us raise £900, contributing significantly to our overall target.

Taking the lead in organising the event was our Digital Marketing Executive, Charlie.

“The response from the agencies I had conversations with was overwhelmingly positive, it’s great to be a part of such a buzzing digital community. We practically raised Cite’s 2-year fundraising goal with one event, which is fantastic to see because Hope Against Cancer is a charity that’s helping fund research close to home.”

In addition to raising money for Hope Against Cancer, I wanted to build awareness for the charity on social media among all of the marketing agencies involved. That’s why every piece of content released was created with a shareable mindset at its core. I’ll ensure this social-first approach to our partnership with Hope Against Cancer continues with future events.”

Agency leaderboard (in winning order):

  1. Masters Allen
  2. Herdl
  3. Bulb Studios
  4. Cite
  5. Effect
  6. Rock Kitchen Harris
  7. Swipe & Tap

Congratulations to Masters Allen for winning!

If you would like to support us and make a donation, visit our page.