Nev, aka ‘The Fixer’, 10 years at Cite

This month, Nev is celebrating his 10th year at Cite! We couldn’t let the occasion go unnoticed, so we’ve asked him a few questions to see what his highlights have been, why he enjoys his role and how to make a ‘Nev Approved’ cup of tea or coffee.

Nevil comes from a creative background having studied Graphic Design at De Montfort University. He worked in London for a range of design studios and after a short adventure in the United States, returned to Leicester switching design for project management and content creation. He’s an avid Arsenal fan (for his sins) and has a passion for sports stadia photography, for which he has had a book published. 

Hey Nev, summarise yourself in 3 words:

Focused. Committed. Loyal.

What’s your role at Cite?

Where to start?! I’m based within Cite’s Client Services team. My remit is quite broad across the agency, ranging from content authoring and optimisation, digital marketing, social media management, research, analysis and project management. Oh, and some company admin on the side! I’m not known as ‘The Fixer’ for nothing!

Wow, 10 years has flown by. Do you remember joining Cite?

I do, though it seems like so long ago. The company was smaller, we were in different premises, and the technology was what now seems so primitive. Our agency offer has expanded a lot in recent times as we’ve grown. 

It now includes brand and digital marketing, research and insights, along with the design and build of great digital platforms which Cite have always been known for. 

Digital has changed over the last decade, what’s your thoughts on this?

The pace of change is unrelenting, and the landscape is forever morphing into something new – not always for the better. Take social media; I recall when (love him or loathe him) Piers Morgan was ridiculed on national TV for espousing the power of Twitter, and its influence. He was right, and now it’s the go-to media of choice for the current US President!

What’s something you’ve learnt you’d like to share?

Humility, and appreciation of what you have in the now. It’s so easy to take things for granted, and you should never underestimate how easy it could be to lose.

Can you think of a few favourite moments at Cite over the last 10 years? And what are you looking forward to?

The move to our current business premises, on Friar Lane, is a standout for me. I just love the ‘new’ location and the impression it has made on clients and visitors. It’s a reflection of the company’s standing, and how we’ve evolved as a team. Also, Cite’s 15 years celebrations in Paris was special (it’s a shame the 20 years celebration has been put on hold by COVID-19). 

What do you like about working in Leicester?

It’s a great city, not too big, not too small, with everything you could want, and has a great multicultural vibe. There’s also a great creative community. I’ve lived and worked in London which is of course an exceptional environment for a media professional, and while Leicester can’t compare, it has its own rhythm and beat which makes it a special place to be. I have no desire to work elsewhere.

If we bumped into you outside of work, what are you up to?

These days, probably out accumulating more pot plants and geopolitics books! Otherwise, taking photos. 

And the big question, how do you like your tea and coffee?

White, strong, and with half a sugar – not that anyone has managed to master that yet 😉

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