New Facebook app launched for Coventry University

Our digital agency is happy to announce the launch of new Facebook app for Coventry University. The app is targeted at prospective students and helps them figure out what university courses would best suit their personality.

Career Advisor Facebook app

The “Career Advisor” app centres on a fictitious “careers guy” at Coventry University named Simon Foot. When users arrive on the app, they can watch a short mockumentary about Simon and his unusual method of looking at students’ Facebook profiles to figure out what they should study. Users are then invited to view a report on what he’s found out about them.

In order to generate the report, the app analyses the user’s Facebook updates and interests, and compares them to a keyword database associated with each academic department. Users are then presented with four courses that best match their personality. The report is also customised to include the user’s profile photo, a list of their likes, photos of their friends and a post they have recently written. Since the app was created as part of Coventry University’s new “Discover your world of opportunity” marketing campaign, the report also informs students what they were destined to do (make a difference, inspire, create, or invent).

The app also includes a competition where users can enter to win an iPad. As part of the entry form, they must explain what their career goals are. Coventry University plans to use these statements as part of a future “Wall of Dreams” campaign.

To give the app an extra dimension, Coventry University has also created a Twitter account for Simon Foot.

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