New Weight Watchers Facebook Competition Launched

We’ve just launched a Facebook app for Weight Watchers called “Share Your Success Story.”  The app invites users to share photos of their weight loss with a chance to become the face of Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers Facebook App "Share Your Success Story"

The app encourages people to be proud of the weight they’ve lost using Weight Watcher’s ProPoints plan, and it asks members to submit before-and-after photos of themselves.  They are then able to share their entry with friends and family or encourage them to submit photos themselves.  Users can also view a photo gallery of other people who have sent in their photos.

Weight Watchers will then select some participants to appear on their website, magazine, national and local newspapers, and even TV commercials.

This app follows on from the success of other Facebook apps we’ve developed for Weight Watchers, including Make a Pledge, WOW Makeover, and Clothing Confessions.

Visit the Share Your Success Story app today and let us know your thoughts.

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