NHS Flufighters Facebook App Launched

Our app developers have been very busy this week and the hard work has paid off.  We’ve just launched a Facebook app for the NHS Confederation called “Flu Fighter,” which encourages its employees to get flu jabs this winter.

NHS Confederation Facebook App
The app’s main function is to get people to pledge that they will get a flu shot in order to protect themselves, their families, and patients from getting ill.  Once a visitor has pledged, their profile photo is added to the gallery of people who have also promised to get the jab, and a status is posted to their wall.  Non-NHS staff are also encouraged to pledge and are included within the gallery.

The app also features a “Pledge Results” tab that allows members of different NHS regions to compare how many are pledging from their area versus other parts of the country.  The page also highlights the top 5 NHS trusts that have pledged, as well as the most recent trusts that have participated.

The app also provides useful information and links on how to get the flu jab.

We were commissioned to create the app because of the Facebook projects successfully delivered for other clients, like Weight Watchers, Rosetta Stone, and Soda Pictures.

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