Office Olympics: May the best web developers win

The anticipation and excitement surrounding the London Olympics may be over, but the tension is still building at Cite as we head into the last two weeks of our own Office Olympics. Scores have been tight on our leaderboard and it’s still anyone’s game.  Here’s a breakdown of some of our most recent events:

Cite Office Olympics Leaderboard
Food Eating Competition:
This was a sticky competition as our team members had to eat a hot cross bun as fast as they could, without using their hands.  Amid the laughter and chewing, one team reign supreme and managed to get the gold is less than a minute.

Food Eating competition round of the Cite Olympics from Dafydd Prichard on Vimeo.

Office Phone Quick Draw:
The normal activity of answering phones became a serious competition as our teams needed to get to the phone faster than anyone else. Amazingly there was a tie for gold, which helped to close up the leaderboard standings.

Office Phone Quick Draw

Milk Jug Bowling:
The ever-popular game of bowling was transformed into an office sport by using milk jugs and an elastic band ball. Luckily our web developers drink a lot of coffee so milk jugs weren’t hard to come by. This game was a bit closer than expected and amazingly the winning team only had one member present that day.

Office Olympics bowling

In addition to these events, we’ve also had an amazing penalty shoot out. The Cite Office Olympics will continue through the end of the month. Stay tuned to find out which of our web designers and developers will come out on top.

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