Interactive Toolkits launched for NHS Managers

NHS Toolkits

The NHS ThinkFuture initiative aims to encourage managers and HR staff to bring more young people into the NHS. Increasing the number of young people working for the NHS will have a significant impact on the sustainability of the workforce and contribute towards better patient care.

We were successful in winning the pitch to create the online toolkits used to promote the campaign. The toolkits provide information and resources and includes a ‘readiness checklist.’ The responses to 10 questions govern the outcomes, providing the most relevant next steps for users.

The process involved content consultation, user journeys and wireframes, user testing, creative and front-end build. The design was created mobile-first, with an approach that is both visually engaging and easily usable.

User testing

There were two rounds of user testing with relevant staff within the NHS. This was conducted online, with heatmaps tracking user behaviour. This valuable process informed both the design and the way navigation and calls to action were labelled.

NHS Think Future wireframe testing

Above – Wireframe user testing: This was carried out first on wireframes, where function is divorced from ’emotional furniture’ like imagery, branding and colours.


NHS Think Future wireframe testing

Above – UI user testing: The findings from user testing stage 1 were factored into the creative design – this is turn was tested to make sure people were clicking where we wanted them to!

Technical challenges

Due to the need to embed the toolkits within NHS Employers existing Sitecore system using an i-frame, there were some technical challenges to overcome; ensuring a smooth responsive delivery across all devices within this environment and allowing users to share specific pages via social channels.

The toolkits use CSS3 and Javascript animation to enhance the user experience. WordPress is in place to allow editors to maintain their content with custom programmed Gravity Forms used for the delivery of the readiness checklist.

Visit the Toolkit for HR Managers
Visit the Toolkit for Managers

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