Pozitude Facebook app launched

Cite have just launched a new Facebook app called “Stamp out Stigma” for Pozitude, a charity that helps teenagers living with an HIV positive status.
Pozitude Facebook App
The Facebook app was created in an effort to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV through education and social sharing.

The app includes information about HIV and personal experiences from teenagers growing up with the disease.  From stories and testimonials, to factual information, users can gain a better understanding of HIV and how teenagers’ lives are affected by it.

The app also includes four different badges that people can display on their Facebook wall in support of Pozitude’s mission to prevent discrimination and stigma of those living with HIV.  The badges include:
1. Nobody’s fault: It’s no one’s fault they have HIV.
2. Just say no: Say no to stigma against HIV
3. Support your friends: If my friend had HIV I would do my best to support them.
4. No secrets: Young people born with HIV should not have to keep it a secret.

This is the third project we’ve done for the charity, along with a website for Pozitude and its sister organisation, Beehive, which works with children living with HIV.

The app’s launch comes on the heels of Pozitude’s nomination for a national Digital Heroes award.  So, first and foremost, visit the Digital Heroes website to vote for this great charity to win. And don’t forget to check out the Stamp out Stigma Facebook app and let us know what you think!

For more information on our Facebook app services, give us a shout on 0116 254 9888.