Sage microsite updated

We’ve just launched the newly updated Sage Business Index microsite to showcase Sage’s latest international report for SMEs.

The newly updated Sage microsite

In early 2011, Sage launched its first ever report targeted towards SMEs, called the Sage Business Index.  The report collected data from around the world, including the UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, and USA, and focussed on how the economy, technology, and various other challenges affect SMEs.

Working closely with Sage’s PR agency, Shiny Red, we developed a microsite that housed the report and made all its information easily accessible. With a well-structured navigation system, downloads and multimedia, the site was a hit with visitors.

Flash forward six months and Sage has come out with a new report that has expanded to also include France, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, and Austria.

So, we were asked to update the microsite to include the new report and its findings.

In addition to a new look and feel that matches the new report, we’ve also added some great new features such as a Google translator to make the information readable to people all around the world.  Since the original site was getting so much attention, we’ve also added a section specifically for press coverage.  And not to worry, the old report still lives on in a new archives area.

We’re glad Sage recognises the importance of refreshing a website and would recommend every business try to do so.  For companies with smaller budgets, simply changing copy to keep it up-to-date will make a big difference.

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