Sage uses Cite’s SEO services

We’ve just launched a new microsite for Sage, called the Sage Business Index, and our search engine optimisation (SEO) services have played an important role in the creation of this website.

Sage website with SEO services

The Sage Business Index was created to showcase Sage’s business reports aimed at SME’s.  The reports offer insight in five areas: Business Confidence and Economy, Business in Your Country, Business Challenges, Business Development, and Technology. The microsite was created because Sage didn’t want these reports to get lost or diluted within the main Sage website.

Since the site is new and tailored for such a specific audience, Cite advised their PR agency on the best approach to take for search engine optimisation (SEO).  Our SEO experts compiled a keyword list, created a keyword matrix, and by monitoring keyword density, optimised content provided by the PR agency.  We also created SEO-focussed page titles and meta-descriptions in order to fully optimise the site.  With such strong SEO in place, this site is sure to attract the right visitors and help make Sage as beneficial to SME’s as it is to larger companies.

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