Summer intern reflects on his time at our digital agency

Over the last six months, Cite have developed a digital marketing internship for students and recent graduates. This blog post was written by our intern Sam, who has just completed a summer internship with us, about his experience at our digital agency.

Cite digital marketing intern

Since interning at Cite, a digital agency in Leicester, I have gained a further grounding and understanding of what kind of work goes on behind the scenes of a website. My time at this online marketing company has given me an appreciation of how hard it is for a website to climb up the Google ladder, and how much commitment needs to be given in order to maintain a high position on a search engine.

Having never worked in a business environment like this, I was unsure of what kind of atmosphere to expect from the next few months. However, everyone at Cite made me feel exceptionally welcomed. They supplied me with my own workspace and did not look at me as an intern, but rather a member of the team.

Within just a few days I was set independent tasks and was working on client websites under the supervision of Cite’s project managers. Being given set tasks pushed me to work hard and take on a disciplined work ethic.

I was given tasks such as SEO blog writing, keyword analysis and writing monthly reports on website performance.  Cite also provided me with a range of reading material that helped me understand the nuts and bolts behind social media advertising.

As well as all the hard work and learning, Cite involved me in a range of team building exercises such as their Cite Olympics which I utterly enjoyed.

The skills I have learnt and the confidence I have gained from interning at Cite will help improve my studies and future career prospects. I am ever grateful to all the staff members at Cite for giving me this opportunity and cannot deny that working for a digital marketing agency is something that I may find myself pursuing once graduated from university.

We’re really pleased that Sam enjoyed his time at Cite and will miss having him around. If you are interested in learning more about our internship programme, please contact us today.