Up-and-coming talent

Always looking to encourage up-and-coming talent, Cite recently gave a lecture to the the first year Graphic Design students at Worcester University. Our session on ‘Typography on the web‘ was followed by setting a web design-based project. The brief was simple – to create a website homepage / subpage using typography to communicate a hierarchy of information.

We promised to feature the winning design on our company blog. It was a tough choice, but we chose Jack Ryan-Phillips from the 24 students who took part. We felt Jack demonstrated the best understanding of the brief.

“I chose a fictional food company for which I had already designed a visual identity: ‘Good Stuff’. The product images on the homepage are intended to be buttons with product names that appear when rolled over. These buttons would link to the subpages. On the subpage I wanted the brief product description to stand out most strongly, and experimented with a variety of techniques such as size, weight and colour to bring it forward. To get clarity in the rest of the text I used a generous line spacing and slightly increased the tracking of the words.”

Well done Jack, and to all the students who took part.