A very warm reception in chilly Oslo!

Puzzel Warm Reception

Last Monday, Ravi, Mateen and I flew over to Oslo to catch up with one of our favourite clients, Puzzel – Norway’s leading contact centre solution provider. This was the first opportunity we’ve had to visit since they relocated to the centre of Oslo’s hi-tech business quarter, and we were particularly excited to see how our branding work would translate into the physical space.

The offices looked stunning! In conversation over coffee (Norwegians just LOVE coffee) all the ‘Puzzlers’ we spoke to clearly appreciated all the blood, sweat and tears that had gone into making it happen.

Puzzel reception

Puzzel loos

But this visit wasn’t just about admiring our own handiwork – we were primarily there to gain insight into Puzzel’s plan for the year ahead, so on the first day, Puzzel gave us demonstrations of their latest software and shared some of the amazing technologies and innovations they currently have on the drawing board.  On the second day we had a meeting and presentation from Puzzel’s Head of Innovation, and talked about every emerging technology imaginable.

Puzzel - reception

After two days, we were thoroughly inspired and fired-up, and just about ready to sink a couple of Norway’s infamous £9 pints 😉

Pint in Norway Nobel Prize for Digital Services

A big thanks to everyone at Puzzel for their generous hospitality, and especially to Oda and Børge.