Cite completes A/B testing for Impero


Regular readers of our blog may remember that we launched a website for Impero software last summer. Impero wanted their new site to inform visitors about their products while also prompting them to get in touch to learn more. A few months after the site went live, Impero gave us a call because they wanted to make sure the site was working as hard as possible to generate leads. As part of this process, Impero wanted to implement A/B testing on the homepage.

A/B testing is a method used on many sites to find out how well a design is influencing users’ engagement, particularly in regards to a specific call-to-action. When users arrive at the site, they are randomly shown one version of the design, and over time statistics are measured to see which design brought in the best results. Once a winner is determined, it becomes the design that is used for all visitors.

We began with a round of A/B testing that tested four variations of the homepage to find out which one worked best. In addition to the original homepage, our web designers created three new versions: one that was a slight variation of the homepage and two that were distinctly different. This approach allowed us to determine if the original design (or a variation of it) was the best option or if a radically different design had more success.

After several weeks, it was determined that the variation on Impero’s original homepage was getting the best results, so with that in place we moved forward with a second round of A/B testing, this time refining the call-to-action button to find out what wording worked best.

Impero’s A/B testing is now complete and we’re pleased with the results. To check out the refined homepage, visit the Impero website and let us know what you think.

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