Cite creates MetLife Financial Calculator

Cite have recently produced a new web app for MetLife called the ‘Financial Fitness at Fifty Calculator’.  The calculator was created to help people plan for retirement and get a better understanding of how their finances compare to their peers.

Metlife Calculator
MetLife recently carried out research indicating that people born between 1961 and 1981 are having a difficult time planning for retirement.  MetLife has called this group the ‘Uncertain Generation’ and wanted to give them more confidence about their finances. Our web developers helped them by creating this bespoke app.

People aged 30-50 are invited to answer some basic questions about their assets, debt, and retirement expectations and the calculator estimates their retirement age and income.  It also shows them how their pensions compare to the national average and what their forecasted financial fitness at 50 is.

We’re really pleased with how the calculator turned out and expect that many people will find it a useful tool when planning their pensions.  Check out the “Financial Fitness at Fifty Calculator” and let us know what you think.