Cite develop iDiary smartphone app

Cite recently launched a new smartphone app for the HIV charity, Faith in People. The iDiary Meds app is designed to help young people living with HIV remember to take their medication and keep track of their doctor’s appointments.

iDiary Meds app developed by Cite
People who are HIV positive must take several pills a day to stay healthy, and missing even one dose could be problematic.  iDiary users can add and edit their medication times to the app, and are notified whenever they need to take a dose.  They can also keep track of what medicine they have taken on an interactive chart, and get notified for upcoming doctor’s appointments.

Because HIV can be a sensitive subject, the app was developed to be as discreet as possible. The app is password protected and has a colourful visual design that does not indicate what it is used for.  Notifications are worded in a way that users do not have to worry about others reading them.

The app is also being promoted as a useful tool for other people taking medication on a regular basis.

The iDiary Meds app is free to download for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones.

We’ve worked with Faith in People for years and have launched several microsites and Facebook apps with them. Last year, Faith in People won the TalkTalk Digital Heroes Award for the East Midlands, because of the way it has used technology to better our community.

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