Community web tool launched for NHS

NHS Measuring up web app

This is the latest web application we have developed for NHS Employers, following a successful tender process. It is aimed at HR directors and equality/diversity leads to enable them to understand the different community groups in their local population, and how to better engage with, recruit and retain people from these groups.

User location is established via postcode lookup, then classified by local authority, region and STP. Organisational data can then be compared to that at a local level – by age, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion/belief and sexual orientation. Results are displayed graphically with the user able to export data, suitable for HR presentations.

As well as the comparative data, other relevant community information is presented, including carers, people out of work and armed forces personnel. All data can be exported in a single, convenient PDF report.

This project was largely a technical challenge, with a lot of feasibility upfront around the data sources available. The app queries available datasets and APIs from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Nomis and the most recent Census data.

Prototyping the user experience

The way the tool was structured and designed was also carefully considered. We undertook a workshop in Leeds with all project team members present. The rough flow and content was defined on a whiteboard and then mocked up as a digital prototype using Adobe XD. This allowed the client and trusted NHS partners to ‘test drive’ the tool, with the prototype updated following feedback.

NHS UX prototype

At that point our designers created the User Interface (UI) in line with NHS Employers’ brand guidelines. Together with the approved prototype, this formed the foundation for the technical team to undertake both front end development and the significant custom programming required to integrate and configure the various datasets.

Prior to full roll out, the tool was piloted to 60 NHS Trusts and their feedback was factored back into the build.

In conclusion

The tool has resulted in a huge time saving for employers within the NHS, who were previously either unable to undertake workforce comparisons at all or were spending a lot of time and effort sourcing the data manually. They are now properly able to ensure their future workforce is more representative of the communities they serve.

View the tool here:

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