Facebook competition launched for Cafedirect

Following on from the success of our “12 Days of Treats” Facebook competition for Cafédirect, we’ve just launched a Facebook competition to promote Cafédirect’s tea products.  The “Tea Lovers” competition gives people a chance to win a tea kit, and the first 7,000 entries will receive a free tea sample.

Cafedirect Tea Lovers Facebook competition

Cafédirect has long been associated with high quality fair-trade hot drinks, so it’s no surprise that tea lovers are jumping at the chance to win some of Cafédirect’s famous hand-picked tea.

To enter, users simply have to answer a multiple-choice question and provide their name and contact details. In addition to entering the competition, users can also request a free tea sample and sign up to the Cafédirect newsletter.

To keep everyone’s chances of winning the same, our Facebook developers created the competition so it knows if somebody has already entered and prevents them from doing so more than once.

The competition was developed using our Facebook competition framework, which has also been used by other brands including Cadbury Wispa and Weight Watchers.

Check out the “Tea Lovers” competition and let us know what you think.

For more information on our Facebook competitions, or to speak to one of our Facebook developers, please contact us today. To learn more about our Facebook apps, tabs and competitions, please visit our Cite Social website.