Facebook developers launch app for Wicksteed Playscapes

Our Facebook developers have just launched a competition app for Wicksteed Playscapes, the UK’s leading provider of sports and playground equipment.  The competition invites people to nominate their local school for a chance to win £25,000 worth of playground equipment.

Wicksteed Facebook competition
To enter the competition, visitors to the app are invited to upload a photo of their school’s current playground and explain why they think it should win.  They can then share their entry with others and invite people to participate.  Facebook users can browse a gallery of images and vote for their favourite.  Entries with the most votes will be put in front of a panel of judges who will ultimately decide the winning school.

Our team of UK Facebook developers are no strangers to creating photo upload competitions, however we added a new feature to this app that allows people to select their location from county and city dropdown menus.  This helps categorise schools in an organised manner and also helps Wicksteed keep track of regional participation.

Visit the Wicksteed app today and let us know what you think.

Wicksteed has now joined a list of well-established brands that have asked us to develop their Facebook competitions, including Cadbury Wispa, Weight Watchers and Pure Digital. For more information on our Facebook services, please contact us today.