Playing a blinder!

It’s that time of year for Christmas adverts to start making their appearance and Aldi’s famous ‘Kevin the Carrot’ returned to do just that. This sneak peek however was for journalists only, to mark the launch of Aldi’s official Christmas campaign for 2019.

Our development team played a supporting role alongside McCann UK and Red Consultancy who led the way in producing a short video to tease journalists, playing on the much-loved TV series Peaky Blinders, or as we can see in the video further below, Leafy Blinders.

With only one week until the big reveal, we were commissioned to build a microsite for journalists to access the teaser video, in advance of Aldi’s 2019 Christmas campaign public launch. Our developers quickly got to work to craft a dynamic scene that involved characters from the Leafy Blinders gang using bespoke CSS animation techniques. As part of the backdrop, we also added subtle lighting and atmospheric puffs of steam to create an atmosphere that matched the video.

An invitation promoting the video was issued to 250 journalists, and as a result, the microsite received over 7,000 unique visits in the space of a week, along with incredibly positive interactions on social media.