Pfizer men’s health website launched

We’ve just launched our latest microsite for Pfizer ManMOT:  The site offers a way for men to speak to registered GP’s about their health concerns through a real-time chat function, all from the comfort of their own home.

ManMOT website

Digital PR agency, Red Consultancy is running a campaign for the leading pharmaceutical company to help raise awareness of health issues amongst men.  To assist the national campaign, being championed by ex British racing driver Tiff Needell, Pfizer required a website that would allow men to talk to doctors in a private surgery.

Cite got their thinking caps on and produced a slick website for men ONLY. We love to get creative and design something special for each client, and although we say so ourselves, we’re very proud of the website we’ve delivered Pfizer.

Our design concept was based around manly blacks, and in line with the MOT theme we used car associated images to provide consistency between the print campaign and website.

During surgery hours, between 6pm – 11pm ,visitors will be able to conduct private online consultations with doctors to tackle any issues on their mind. If visitors arrive during a busy period and have to wait while a consultant becomes free, we’ve created a relaxing waiting area for them.

Like most doctor’s surgeries there are chairs to “virtually” relax in. We’ve provided lots of magazines and clickable posters for patients to read and to ensure they don’t miss their turn, there’s a TV screen that keeps them informed of their position in the queue.

Once the doctor activates a conversation, the live chat system works in a similar way to other instant messaging services such as Yahoo Chat or Microsoft’s Messenger, providing instant communication.

A valid cause, the campaign will help men become more aware of the health issues they face and provide them with anonymity to talk about things they might not want to discuss face-to-face with their GPs.

If you’re a company looking for a micro website to help promote a campaign or a specific area, we’re a web design agency who are happy to chat and provide you with ideas that will make your campaigns and websites a success.