Apps and umlauts: we’ve been busy…

Website launches

It’s been a busy end to 2018 and start of 2019 here at Cite, with a flurry of website launches and updates. Here’s a look back at some of our most recent projects involving NHS, Puzzel, General Tire and Monika.


The NHS Do OD is the expert resource on organisation development for health and care, delivered by NHS Employers in partnership with the NHS Leadership Academy. They support developing organisations and systems to be better practitioners and make a positive impact on patient care.

Following our launch of the initial app for NHS Do OD, when they rebranded we were once again asked to work our magic with a fresh new look. This included not only updating the branding but introducing new features such as an annual conference section.

The annual conference section showcases stories of success and impact, provides practical tips and tools that work and discusses how to demonstrate value and broaden reach. Also included in the app is the ability to share tweets, emails and posts alongside the Culture Change tool – designed to stimulate conversations amongst users.

The new additions to the app have been very well received and it’s been great to hear such positive feedback from Do OD.

NHS Confed Conference Website

The NHS Confed Conference is an industry leading event that enables the Confederation to raise its profile and generate revenue.

As of 2018 the conference didn’t have its own site or domain. We were asked to create a stand-alone website that was accessible and engaging, all whilst fitting in line with their new branding.

Old Site

New Site

NHS Confed Conference

We did this by creating a WordPress micro-site that allowed for the technical architecture and CMS from the previous site to be retained, whilst improving the branding through design and styling. Some aspects that we implemented into the new site were an interactive floor plan and embedded Tweets.

Puzzel Finland

Puzzel is one of Europe’s leading omni-channel, cloud-based contact centre solution providers. A global brand, Puzzel now have 900 customers worldwide.

When Puzzel decided to launch into Finland, they asked us to develop their new website. The purpose of which was to provide a platform for future marketing campaigns and improve Puzzel’s brand presence. We focused on finding a scalable solution for Puzzel. As Finland represents an emerging market, a microsite was required rather than creating a full website at this point. Building their global website using WordPress Multi Site allowed us to rapidly develop a regional site for Finland.

Puzzel Finland

General Tire

Cite helped launch the new General Tire UK website, adapting and localising the global site for UK marketing activities and the needs of a UK audience. This ongoing activity includes managing and creating content for the site.General Tire

Monika redesign

Monika is a leading manufacturer of mobile food safety, policy and compliance management systems; their focus is on providing paper-free solutions for the food, clinical and perishable products sectors.

In 2018, Monika launched a fully scalable, Android-based hardware/software solution; usable across industry sectors, and scalable from independent coffee shops to enterprise applications. Two product types were released, branded as Monika Prime and Monika Go, requiring fundamental changes to the website.

Monika Prime to appeal to large scale enterprises and Monika Go for smaller, growing businesses. In addition to designing and building the website, Cite art-directed photography and guided the overall ‘tone of voice’.

Monika Prime

Monika Prime

Monika Go

monika app brand launch design