Simon Williams & James Bull complete their mental health first-aid training with LAMP

In October last year (2021), we joined LAMP’s Business Club with the aim to improve workplace mental health across Leicestershire – starting with our own agency, Cite. LAMP stands for Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project. They’ve been an independent mental health charity since 1989. 

As part of our commitment to the charity, we are putting members in our team, across a variety of senior levels through mental health first aid training – ensuring everybody has someone to reach out to in any scenario that may be presented. 

First up were Simon Williams and James Bull, who put a day aside to undergo the training, learning about the common mental health challenges that arise in a workplace environment and how to minimise the impact, take care of the team and offer support when needed.

“It was a really informative day and great to see how the theory could be applied to our workplace. It’s given me new methods to better deal with mental health situations that might come up.”

James Bull, Head of Web

“The training we received from LAMP was thought provoking, eye opening and extremely useful. As a result we feel far better prepared and resourced to help any of our colleagues who may want to discuss mental health concerns in the future”

Simon Williams, Operations Director

Our team is the beating heart of the agency, and in a fast-moving and oftentimes demanding environment like digital, it’s important we take care of the team’s wellbeing. A big thank you to LAMP for providing such an excellent course. 

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Interested in joining too? We encourage you to have a look.