Summer Facebook competition launched for Artex Easifix

We’re happy to announce the launch of a new Facebook competition for Artex Easifix, a UK manufacturer of DIY products. The “Brighten Your Summer” competition invites users to enter a weekly prize draw for a chance to win a home repair kit of their choice.

Artex summer Facebook competition

This new competition follows on from the successful “Crack Squad” campaign we launched for Artex Easifix last month. The concept behind this competition is to help people ‘brighten up’ their homes by repairing all their unsightly cracks, holes and scratches. To enter, users simply answer a multiple-choice question, fill in their contact details, and select the repair kit they’d like to win. There are five winners chosen every week, and the competition run throughout the month of August.

The app itself uses our standard Facebook competition framework and is the second one to be created for the Artex Easifix Page. Like all of our other Facebook competitions, this one was developed with a mobile-friendly extension so people can enter using any device.

Since Artex Easifix is new to the social media scene, the purpose of this campaign is to get the brand name out there and inform people of the various repair kits available.  So far the competition has increased the number of fans that like the Facebook Page, and it is expected to improve audience engagement throughout the month.

In addition to designing and developing this Facebook competition, we are also managing the Facebook ads for the campaign. The ads work in conjunction with the competition and promote Artex Easifix as a leader in home repair. We’ve also created promotional banners for Artex Easifix’s YouTube channel and websites.

Check out the “Brighten Your Summer” competition and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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