Magento integration helps e-commerce site

Cite are proud of our success in delivering innovative e-commerce websites.  One of our projects, for the online jeweller Diamonds & Rings, has received attention for incorporating the e-commerce software Magento with the Rapaport Diamond Price Index, which allows jewellery prices to update automatically in real time.

Diamonds & Rings operates in a highly competitive marketplace. They buy directly from reputable wholesalers, allowing customers to receive jewellery that is better priced while being of a higher quality and more highly certified than products found in the high street (‘Cutting out the middle man’ is their core marketing message).

In order to achieve this they have to reflect the diamond industry’s most competitive prices.

Using the Rapaport feed within the website has assisted Diamonds & Rings in several ways.  Because diamond prices rely on several global factors, they can fluctuate frequently.  By integrating the live feed into the e-commerce system, Diamonds & Rings can guarantee that their prices are always up-to-date.  Additionally, since the prices update automatically, the feed helps reduce the content management of the site, allowing the company’s administrators to focus on other tasks.

The Rapaport feed also helps the company maintain its reputation as a competitive online jeweller by offering the best prices at any given time, thereby increasing customer confidence.

Cite understand that there are millions of e-commerce sites online and we strive to make our clients’ websites stand out.  If you are interested in developing an e-commerce site and would like to have a chat, call us on 0116 254 9888.

Visit the Diamonds & Rings site to see firsthand how well the integration works.