Web design for 2 Sisters website

2 Sisters Food Group web design

We’re happy to announce the launch of a new corporate website for 2 Sisters, one of the UK’s fastest growing food manufacturers. Working closely with 2 Sisters’ internal communications team, we established a new creative direction for the business and helped to focus the content and structure to meet the needs of the site’s different visitors.

2 Sisters was looking for a creative digital agency that could completely overhaul the corporate look and feel to reflect its success and recent growth. To get a better understanding of 2 Sisters’ new corporate identity, we carried out a discovery workshop with key stakeholders that allowed us to look into the characteristics of the company and how the design and tone of voice could reflect this. We followed this up with a user journey analysis that influenced the site structure and content.

The final result is a corporate identity that is a unique while still retaining a business focus at its core. The fully responsive web design uses parallax techniques for the desktop and bespoke templates across many of the pages. The site also features specially commissioned photography and makes extensive use of custom graphics.

Dafydd Prichard, Cite’s Managing Director, states:

“Early in the planning and discovery process, we recognised that this was not going to be your everyday corporate website. Everyone involved at 2 Sisters was eager to see a design that allowed the company’s agile, ambitious character to shine through. Although we’ve used a relatively traditional information architecture format to underpin the site’s structure, the pages are brought to life with an illustrative graphic style and specially commissioned photography of the people and products that makes the company special.”

2 Sisters is one of many Food & Drink clients in our portfolio. Check out the 2 Sisters website today and let us know what you think.

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