World Cup app for Continental Tyres

Hot on the heels of our World Cup app for the Nottingham Building Society, we’re happy to announce the launch of another World Cup app for Continental Tyres. Continental Tyres is a sponsor of this year’s World Cup, and to celebrate they asked us to create a quiz that helps people find out which football team they should support at Brazil 2014.


While some football fans already know which team they are going to support, the “Who Should You Support” app does more than just match you up with the team that is geographically closest to you, it is designed to match you up with a team based on your personality. The app invites users to answer five questions about their travel habits and football preferences to determine which of the 32 competing teams best match their individual style. Users are able to share their results on Facebook and Twitter, and also invite their friends to participate.

The app was built responsively in order to accommodate users on all devices. Not only does this improve the user experience, but it also allowed us to build one version of the app that can sit on a microsite as well as Continental Tyres UK Facebook page.

Whether you’ve got a flamboyant personality or like things more organised, there’s a World Cup team out there for you. Take the quiz today and find out who you should support!

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