Creative and art direction

Great ideas that capture the imagination

Creative Direction and Art Direction are closely related terms that describe the process of conceiving, visualising and executing the marketing campaigns that enable our clients to stand out in a crowded market place. This process has a strong crossover with traditional advertising.

Depending on the ideas we come up with and available resources, the concepts we devise may require us to create original images, write headlines and content, or commission photographers, video producers and illustrators.

At the creative concept stage we need to combine the essence of our your message with a distinct proposition that separates you from the competition. Taking a lead from advertising principles, the trick here is often to focus on the small details and amplify or exaggerate the benefits.

Art direction

Even though we may have a digital output in mind, our starting point is often the humble layout pad where furious scribbles are progressively transformed into stunning visuals.
We work with a network of first class photographers, video-makers, animators, 3D visualisers and illustrators that help us turn our visual concepts into stunning artworks.

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