I’ve got The Power! NHS DoOD mobile app relaunched


The NHS Organisational Development team wanted to translate their workshop driven ‘conversations about power’ initiative online. The DoOD mobile app we created for them was the obvious platform…

It begins with a conversation, the germ of an idea. There is rarely a brief. We like it that way. Paul Taylor-Pitt and Karen Dumain are the leading lights within the NHS Organisational Development firmament. We’ve been working with them these past few years on the DoOD mobile app.  Every now and then, I’ll get a call or receive an email from them. They have an idea, or a programme that needs to come alive online. Can we help?

Some background is provided. There are seldom any restrictions. Often there is a concept or an initiative that has sparked interest among their OD colleagues that needs to find a wider audience. That’s where we come in. Earlier this year, they got in touch to explain that their ‘Conversations about power’ resource was getting good traction in workshops within the NHS and could we digitise it and make it fun and engaging? That was pretty much it. Like I say, we’re given free reign and a lot of trust.

The Power resource within the app is designed to encourage OD practitioners to reflect on the topic of power and spark conversations with colleagues. The main question posed is “How can we have everyday conversations about Power”.

The app uses an illustrated canvas composed of 4 distinct parts. As you explore this canvas, you are prompted to record your thoughts and reflections. Doing so earns you points – and you can achieve varying levels of power as you interact and engage with the canvas. Tweet your achievements and spread the word!

The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Further information can be found on the NHS Employers website.


It’s great working collaboratively with Paul, Karen and their wider team, because their enthusiasm for what they do is infectious. It fuels our creativity. By that I don’t just mean the way the app is visually designed (that’s a given). It’s also the way it is conceived, scoped, developed – engineered with the user in mind. It’s as much in the selection of technologies used as the colours and the imagery it contains.

The app uses modern web technologies – Sencha Touch and PhoneGap – rather than expensive native development. If you are planning to develop a mobile app to build a community or promote your idea – please get in touch by clicking here, or using the form further down.

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