New UKRI research tool highlights global migration funding

MLT migration funding web app

The London International Development Centre Migration Leadership Team (LIDC-MLT) and UKRI chose Cite to help them create an online tool that accurately captures global migration research funding. We were appointed given our work developing similar web-based applications for the NHS.

The LIDC-MLT’s remit is to assess the scope, achievements and challenges of the existing portfolio of global migration research; identify strategic opportunities and priorities for further research; and highlight best practice in the area of impact. The tool we created with them aims to bring together and provide networking opportunities for researchers, policy-makers, practitioners, migrants’ associations and arts organisations.

We worked closely with the client to scope the project. Sessions in London and Leicester began on whiteboards and layout pads to establish a common consensus of how to move forward. UX wireframes,  prototype and user testing feedback further refined the user interface and functionality.

Previously, LIDC-MLT had no means of presenting gaps in the existing migration research landscape, or ways to identify existing research projects/researchers/partners working in their selected disciplines. This new tool solves this problem – providing a number of data visualisations showing migration funding as a series of themes.

“Cite rapidly got up to speed on the requirements of our web tool, and throughout the process the team was quick to respond, adjust and communicate. It was a collaborative project from start to finish, and the final result really reflects what we set out to achieve.”

– Louisa Brain, Project Manager

Visit the support tool

Technical note: The application utilises the Laravel PHP framework to retrieve and process data from LIDC-MLT’s back-office database platform. The web-based front-end then uses the Vue.js framework to create an accessible, modular and performant user interface.

Photo credit: Syed Tasfiq Mahmoud (Dhaka, Bangladesh)